Friday, October 25, 2013

It has been about eight years back when RTI was implemented in India. This act is considered as a tool in the hands of people of India. Act came into force from October 12, 2005 in order to promote transparency and accountability in administration.

This act applies in all the states and union territories except the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Any citizen of India can get the information through this act. This act is also seen as a tool to check the corruption and reduce it. But the people of rural areas are less aware about this act.

How to file RTI application:

      1.       Application containing all information about the topic.
      2.       Duly signed by the candidate with address and Phone                       Number.
      3.       Postal Order of Rupee (10) in favor of Information                           Officer of the particular department.    
      4.       Send by duly registered post or given by hand.
      5.       Receive the information within 30 days. 
Some Important things which should be kept in mind that candidate have to keep a photo copy of the application for further communication and also should assign date in the application.

Within the 30 days from the date of receipt of the application Information Officer have to provide that information. The person working in the field of Education, journalism should realize the relevance of the RTI act.

I have my personal experience about RTI, when I was student in University I was keen to know my assessment marks. Later in the regard I file RTI and got information within 25 days.

This was my first step which I took. After this I file many applications and got the information which I want. Even I also motivate my friends to use this act as it is very useful for everyone.

This act is used as a weapon by the journalists who seek information in various issues. When every government department except defense ministry is libel to provide information under this act then why the political parties are afraid of this as they are responsible towards society.

 If one knows the use of RTI than it can emerge as a great tool to seek the information. If you are not satisfied with the information then you can contact to higher authority in the department. 


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