Sunday, October 27, 2013

In the age of communication development Mobile is considered as a essential device in one’s life. In today world this device is in every one’s pocket. In India whether one is poor or rich is carrying Mobile phones. Due to advancement in technology Mobile becomes easier to reach in the everyone pocket. From Laborer to Businessmen every person are using Mobile phones.

But the addiction of Mobile is serious concern to people as it is now considered as Non drug addiction. Addiction of mobile is like addiction of other things which are harmful for human, infect addiction of anything is not good for life. Mobile not only make us dependent but also cause many serious health problems.

In today' world mobile are not only used to connect with each other but are also used for other purposes which are Internet, calculating, social networking and so many other applications. Although mobiles are useful but it cannot be denied that extreme use of it could be harm one's health.

Mobile has made us fully dependent. Earlier we used to wake up in the morning at 5 o’clock with the chirp of birds but now we woke up with the ring of mobile. Even we use mobile as our diary and keep most of the information on it. Thsese are also used for calculating, social networking, Internet, listing songs and so many other things. There might be some advantages of technology but its excess use is a serious concern.


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