Friday, October 18, 2013

Colors are considered as most attractive medium to influence someone. Everyone in this world might have a favorite color. But for a logo colors have a different impact, a logo represents your work your thinking and so many things. As it is said that a picture is worth thousand words same implies in the field of logo, it represents the type of work is done by particular organization.

There are three basic colors Red Blue and Green. One thing which should be ponder upon that a logo should not have more then three colors.

Colors are able to evoke certain emotions and feeling towards your Brand and Identity. So it is vital to choose a color which will represent your identity effectively. Every color has a different feel. There are some questions which should be answered before making a logo and choosing color for logo.

Q.1 For what purpose you are making your logo.
Q.2 What type of message you want to spread.
Q.3 What kind of color your competitor is using.
Q.4 What kind of product and service you are providing to your              target audience.
Q.5 What kind of impression you would like to create in the mind           of those who saw it.

Some time many professional are hired for designing a logo but many time it has been seen that non-professional are even making good logo. It all depends on your budget that weather you want to hire any professional or you want to invest better amount of money.

Here in my logo which is designed by me after learning Adobe Photoshop for two or three days I been able to design my logo which best suits to my profession? By profession I am a student of Journalism and that’s why I think to design a logo for me which will remain with me forever.

Here in my logo I have selected three colors Red Blue and Black:
Red Color represents hot, passion, powerful, excited and bold. Coca cola, cnn and Ati are the brands which are using red color.

While blue represents liberal, cold, smart, progress trust and freedom. Facebook, Intel, hp, twitter and IBM are using blue color.

Meanwhile black color is absence of all colors and represents boldness elegance and tradition. Black color is used by Puma, CNN, Nike and so many others companies.


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