Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Instant recognition in Media

In the field of media recognition can be got overnight where as in other fields like Engineering and Corporate and other professions it is not easy to get overnight recognition. In these fields one has to work for a long time and from their achievements they are measured.

By covering an exclusive story in media industry one can have a great impact on its readers and viewers, which helps them to popularize over nightly.

In today’s world media is a glamorous industry where new generation and youth is attracted towards it because of its changing nature. Earlier it was considered that there are not enough opportunities in this industry, but by now media is emerged as glamors industry especially for youth who are in favor of getting instant recognition.

Before 10- 15 years back media industry is only known for its print content but with the passage of time and Globalization media is totally changed. Today there are several electronic news channels and web media which are influencing the current generation. It becomes easy to access the information form Google about any subject and result will be shown within the seconds.

Press is also considered as fourth pillar of democracy in India, it is playing vital role in changing the shape of society. It becomes easier to highlight any issue with the help of media.

In other side responsibility of media person is more than others because it reflects whatever is happening in society. Media is like a mirror of society it reflects all the things which are happening around the world.

In the era of competitiveness media persons are required to have the knowledge of every aspect. Other side concept of paid news is also a threat to media which is decreasing its credibility.  In past it was said that whatever is printed in newspapers is true but in today’s world this is worse a saying.

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