Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Advancement in the technology has made every work easier and less time consuming. The importance of this technology for everyone cannot be denied. In every year this technology changes its shape.

We have electric components like, computer, mobile, tablet, laptop, printers, tv, etc. These are now considered as essential part in day to day life. One cannot think about survive without of these devices. Improper disposal of electronic-waste is arising threat to India and other countries too.

Electronic-waste is all the electrical material which causes dangerous gases while repairing or destroying. E-waste is one of the rapidly growing problems which India is facing these days.  India is facing big boom in this type of waste as technology is changing day by day. People are moving towards new instruments as they suit them.

Image Source: Maghee Bioenergy Consultancy
There are about 90 crores of mobile users and if we also count computers then its counting will cross the boundary. This e-waste is causing problem to environment as people are not aware about its dangers. In e-waste there are about 100 of poisonous things which pollute our environment and water.

There are the poisonous chemicals like Sisa, Para, Cadmium, etc. According to a report on e-waste, India is only recycling 5 percent of its total e-waste. This waste poses a serious health and environment hazards.

In e-waste recycling all companies and government should come together to solve this serious problem. Companies should recall their electrical products which are not in use so that these can be recycled properly.

Consumer too should take responsibility to not to through e-waste here and there. One side India is facing problem like population, shortage of drinking water, malting of glaciers, and so many, other side e-waste is emerging as a threat especially for India.

Proper disposal of e-waste should be done so that we can prevent ourselves from its hazardous.

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