Thursday, January 30, 2014

With the increasing incidents of cyber crime, now an app will detect bogus facebook accounts. Facebook which is one of the social networking website has about 1.35 billion users and 10 percent of them are not authentic, reviled by statistics. Fake profiles and scams are all around us and can risk our safety in today world.

Social networking websites are used by a large number of people around the world to communicate with people. Everyone who has access to internet are using facebook to reach desired group of people.

An Israel based startup has developed an application, FakeOff as cyber impersonations are increasing in the social networking sites. This app will help to identify the fake account on facebook.

The app checks timeline activity of the suspect and tries to locate abnormal activity that indicates a non- normal way of usage. It allows the user to scan the photos of the suspect to find out if it was stolen from someplace online, said Eliran Shachar creator of FakeOff.

FakeOff has been live for two months now and has over 15,000 users so far. According to facebook, about 14.3 crore accounts on the social networking site may be false, with a major chunk of them coming from developing markets like India and Turkey.

India and Turkey are the developing markets where false accounts on social networking sits are on the increase.

About FakeOff:
Eliran Shachar, create FakeOff.
Protect you from fake profiles.
Target those fake friends and choose what to do with them.

Sources: HT


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