Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A cricket world cup or a parliamentary elections, It’s one and a same thing in India. The only difference is that cricket world cup comes once in four years but election comes once in Five years.

I am just 23 year, which is not mature enough age to write a matured political piece, But few days back one of my friend said a very factual sentence to me about Arvind Kejriwal.

Yes, the same Arwind Kejriwal, the so called Aam Aadmi. My friend said that it hardly matters about goodness or badness of Kejriwal’s tenure as Delhi’s chief minister but at least he left his everything and tested his level to change the system. That’s really appreciable.
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Actually I also feel the same thing but now you will not even take a second to judge me as a supporter of Aam Aadmi Party. But wait, it’s not like that.

Kejriwal’s resignation as chief minister was not the solution. He should have faced the situation and should have got back with the solution. But he didn’t.

Well’ that all is past. And now, even Arvind has left the past. Now he is looking forward to his future. Yes, his future, which he calls as nation’s future. Arvind is getting back with the same enthusiasm for Lok Sabha elections.

His party has made the 16th parliamentary elections like an interesting T- 20 match. A kind of tri-series match where three teams are participating in the tournament as  team Modi, team Rahul and team Kejriwal. The winner of this tournament will win the political throne for next five years.

But what is the difference. This tournament comes every year. Hundreds of political parties come; one wins and become the owner of the country for five years. Some of my friends say that even there are some problems in the country but still we have done a lot in the field of development.

Yes, we have done a lot. We are doing much in the field of education, but we are not able to provide good education to everyone. We have roads, but not in a condition to have a comfortable journey. We have reached to space, but we still have a child at road side asking for one rupee because he is hungry. We have industries, but we also have a situation when there are only 100 vacancies and ten Lakhs applicants for those ten vacancies. We have AIIMS kind of hospitals but we also have a situation where every 4th child dies with calories weakness.

Actually we are the best, but at the same time we are the worst.  That’s what we call development. That’s the situation that needs change. Narendra Modi says he will bring that change, Rahul Gandhi says he will bring that change, Arvind also says he will bring that change. But still nothing has changed.

Again the same national event is going to take place in the country which is called ‘Elections’. Now it would have to be seen that will this time the change actually take place or again we will just sit and write this kind of article? It’s up to you.

Go and choose your system, be the part of system…
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