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Dusty clothes, untidy personality, face covered with heavy and years old beard, having a diary and pen in his hands, he is continuously writing some old accounts, a vagabond person walking from the summer hill chalk to the mall, Shimla. This scene is often seen by Shimla localoids. But no one ever tried to ask or think about his merciful condition, as this is a common view for all of them.

 A mentally sick person whose age is around 65-70 years old is often seen with ruined reflections. No one is there for his care. Policemen, shopkeepers and common people never bother him. Some canteen holders or tea stalls sometimes offers him tea, biscuits or sometimes food, this is the only source for his meals. Don’t know, what is the reason behind his heart squeezing condition? Why is he living this hell? But one thing is clear; from an illiterate person to a well educated officer we all have become emotionless, senseless and careless towards our society and also towards our laws. Because according to Mental Health Act 1987, the attitude of the society towards persons afflicted with mental illness has changed considerably and it is now realised that no stigma should be attached to such illness as it is curable, particularly, when diagnosed at an early stage. Thus the mentally ill persons are to be treated like any other sick persons and the environment around them should be made as normal as possible.

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1. It is considered necessary -

To regulate admission to psychiatric hospitals or psychiatric nursing homes of mentally ill-persons who do not have sufficient understanding to seek treatment on a voluntary basis, and to protect the rights of such persons while being detained. To protect society from the presence of mentally ill persons who have become or might become a danger or nuisance to others. To protect citizens from being detained in psychiatric hospitals or psychiatric nursing homes without sufficient cause. To regulate responsibility for maintenance charges of mentally ill persons who are admitted to psychiatric hospitals or psychiatric nursing homes. To provide facilities for establishing guardianship or custody of mentally ill persons who are incapable of managing their own affairs. To provide for the establishment of Central Authority and State Authorities for Mental Health Services. To regulate the powers of the Government for establishing, licensing and controlling psychiatric hospitals and psychiatric nursing homes for mentally ill persons. To provide for legal aid to mentally ill persons at State expense in certain cases.

The authority established under sub-section (1) shall -

Be in charge of regulation, development, direction and co-ordination with respect to Mental Health Services under the Central Government and all other matters which, under this Act, are the concern of the Central Government or any officer or authority subordinate to the Central Government. Supervise the psychiatric hospitals and psychiatric nursing homes and other Mental Health Service Agencies (including places in which mentally ill persons may be kept or detained) under the control of the Central Government.

As it is the moral duty and social responsibility of not only the city police, the state government but all of the citizens of the city to admit this old man to well organized psychiatric hospitals. So that we can feel or play a better role for humanity and take out this man out of this living hell. We have to realize that he also deserves to live a normal and healthy life, as he is also a part of our society. Our law also says that each and every person of this country has the right to live with dignity and honor and being a responsible citizen we should help him to get this vital right of him. Only then we can prove that we are alive.

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