Friday, January 23, 2015

Stolen idol of Lord Raghunath from Sultanpur (Kullu) has been recovered by police. The idol was buried in the land outskirts of Kullu. This 17th century idol is presides deity of Kullu Dushara.

Photo Credit:Facebook #Virbhadra Singh

Police has recovered all the five stolen idols. The idol of lord Raghunath was taken from Ayodhya in 1657. This idol is made of "Ashthdhatu".

Police and other intelligence agencies were on alert after this theft which took place on 9 December 2014.  Even Interpol was on high alert due to this issue.

Idol of Lord Raghunath- Photo Credit: Indian Express

People of the state are in cheering mood after these antique idols were recovered.



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