Saturday, February 1, 2014

The best way of learning is by doing. Learning is never ending process. A human from his origin to death is in the process of learning. Every minute several thought arises in human mind and we learn something new in every minute.

One thing which should be considered that no one is perfect in today's world as changes are taking place very rapidly. Change is the law of nature; we have to change ourselves with the passage of time. So that's why it is said that best way of learning is by doing. The secret of getting ahead is getting started. So start now.
As an old Chinese proverb says in the context of learning:
I read- I forget
I see-   I remember
I do -   I understand
A best example of learn by doing is here as follows:
Anybody cannot learn to swim by reading number of books; one has to get into water to actually learn swimming. The study done by anyone in any field is incomplete till it is not done practically.

Even at the time of interview first question which is asked that have you any kind of experience in this field. Students those who pursue professional courses they too have to take part in internship program to prepare them for that environment in which they have to work.

Have you ever ponder upon it that why doing is important. By doing it is often measured that failure is more easy then success. So to get success firstly one will face failure but later by doing it again and again it can be done successfully. If someone has done any work properly, at the back of it there is lot of experience that person have.
There are less chances of success in first attempt but doing it again and again one can come out with success. In real life at the time of failure most profound learning takes place.

It is rightly said that failure are the stepping stone in the path of success.

Meanwhile we should not conclude that everything can be learning by doing. It is some time dangerous and even expensive too to let someone learn something by actually doing e.g. by flying an airplane and doing major operation with human body.


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