Tuesday, May 20, 2014

India is a country where different kinds of religions, different kinds of traditions and different kind of people exist. But one thing makes all different Indians on a same stage, and that is Cricket. In India cricket is not only a game, it’s a passion of every person. Hardly there will be any Indian who won’t like cricket. But these days this game is being used by our authorities as a tool to improve the disturbed relation with other countries, especially our all time rival Pakistan. Is there really a need of cricket series between India and Pakistan?

At least BCCI thinks so. There has been no series between these two countries since 2007. This strong glacier came in to existence after the 26/11 attacks in 2008 and now BCCI has decided to start a cricket series between these two countries in December 2012. But question is, is this the right time to try to melt this ice stone? This question is raised by the former Indian cricketer Suneel Gavasker. He said that Pakistan is not helping India in 26/11 case. So having a cricket series in this time is not good.

Having a cricket series with any country is normal event in India but when it comes to India vs. Pakistan, the craze goes too high. It’s every time more than just a game. But the issue of Kashmir or the issue of terrorism is more sensitive than cricket. These issues have to be given more attention instead of having a cricket series. Cricket diplomacy is good but is this as good as needed, to solve the tension between two countries?
Watching a cricket match in the same stadium by prime ministers of both the countries together is not enough to solve the issues. There must be a serious talk but the importance of this kind of serious talk is being faded by the untimely cricket series.

Instead of having a cricket match, the countries should try to solve the big issues and big tension between both the countries so that no need of cricket diplomacy would be there to improve the relation between the two countries.

Guest Blogger: Dharam Prakash


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